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During your ELEVATE retreat, all the activities are focused around you. From our classes, conversations on self-improvement to food preparation demonstrations, we want you to leave ELEVATE prepared with the tools to succeed when you return to your real life routine.

Here is a brief description of the types of activities you can expect from your ELEVATE retreat, as well as a sample itinerary for a day.


This series of conversations is geared to providing you with the knowledge that you need to succeed once you’re back to life at home.  At Elevate we refer to our learning segments as conversations, as they are very informal and comfortable with interaction from the guest.

It is crucial to have these tools so that when you do return, you can stay on track with your goals set during your Elevate stay.

Some conversations may include weight loss specific chats like how to combat emotional eating, why quality is better than quantity when it comes to food, and how to not sabotage your progress by falling back into old habits.  Nutrition and dietary conversations will include the role of inflammation on your health.  The conversations may also be geared for sports or optimal performance for the athlete in all of us like; the biomechanics of success, training the competitor within, and swim, bike run 101.


We will be hiking almost every morning.  On Friday your senses will take you on a journey called “The Peak Experience.”  This is an all morning hike that ends with a meditation and then a packed lunch that will teach how to eat healthfully on a picnic.  To really experience the environment in Kayenta and the surrounding southern Utah area, you have to be out in it.  The colors on the trail, the awesome views and the oneness in being with nature will inspire your own transformation.
Click here to read more about the trails we will be hiking.


At Elevate, exercise is looked at and studied from a varied perspective.  As we all know the importance of regular exercise and how valuable and crucial it is to our optimum health and well being, often times we are at a loss as to how to maintain it for a lifetime, incorporate it into our busy, stressed out schedules and how to consistently make it a part of our life.


FEATURING: John’s Cardio Disco Jam
If you have never experienced this high energy workout, you are in for a treat! You are having so much fun, you don’t realize the amount of calories you are burning off every minute. Be prepared to shake your booty!

Other classes include:  TRX Circuit, Explore the Core, Cardio 30, and a variety of constantly changing gym classes.  As the fitness industry constantly changes, so do the classes at Elevate!


The demonstrations are meant to give you hands on experience when it comes to preparing meals for yourself at home. These include how to shop for the right foods, planning meals for the week, and how to cook not just for health, but to transform your body.


For a full body transformation, the majority of the work comes from within. What is blocking you from attaining that health goal? At ELEVATE, you will compliment your body work with mental work through yoga and meditation. These set the tone for the week to help connect your body with your mind for a full transformation by the end of your journey with us.

These modalities facilitate greater body awareness, stress reduction, and deeper connections to your most authentic Self to further support and fortify your desire for sustainable health and well-being.


      6:30 sunrise yoga
      7:30 hike/gym without walls
      10:00 breakfast
      11:00 exercise 101
      12:00 lunch
      1:00 biomechanics of success
      2:00 circuit strength training
      3:00 The Grocery Store trip/shopping healthy 101
      5:00 dinner
      6:00 quality vs quantity